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venerdì 30 luglio 2004

Taras  sightseeing Tremiend’aqquà
Up to the Drums suse a le Tammorre
Down to the Saltworks abbasce a Salenelle
Down to the Navy abbasce a Marine
Back to the Bigwall arrete a ‘u Muraglione
Paul the Sixth Paolo VI
Great Greece Magna Grecia
Midway Vie de Mienze
The Stonebridge U Pondedepetre 
Threelanes      Tre Carrare
Usùal   Solìto
Short Glossary Sind’aqquà
Sausages sasizze
Sit there azziettete adda’
The master U Me’
Playing bits Sciuca’ a spezziedde
Catch him! awwàndele a quidde !
You're really the war !  Si propie a uerre !
Shoot-on-my-chest ! Spareme-mbiette!
Holy Nothing Sant Ninde!
Fatful Chine d’sive      
King's dick Cazzo di Re
Musslers Cozzarule
Chicken Mark Marc Poll
Wanna-n’envelope? A vuè na buste?
What a package of shit!! Ce pacche d’mmerde !
But see you a little.... ma vide nu picche
Why don't you run away?         Picce’ no 'te ne ve?
To eye are you speaking? A uecchie ste parle?
Do you like it now? A vue’ mo’?
Now I'll give you one mo’ te n’agghia da une
You have cured!!!! avit sanate!!!!
Rubber ears Recchie de gomme
Bomb's head Capa di bomba
To Dick's face!  Aa facce d'u cazze!
Fuckyou!   vafangule!
‘ckyou ‘ngule!
The pigeon’s bite   U morse du piccione
Go-and-find-it!  Vattelaiacchie!
Tricky ‘Mbrugghiò
Made-for-it  Fattapposta
Fish-your-mother U pesce de mamete
The sister's pigeon U piccione d'sorde
It's like the skin of a pizza pie Je com'a pelle d'a pizze
Now I cut it myself  E mò m'a tagghie
What do you go crying? Ce ve ‘cchiange?
The dead relatives’ souls L’aneme de citemmuerte
What are you searching for? ceuecchianne?
Shitful Chine d’mmerde

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