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giovedì 25 aprile 2024
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venerdì 30 luglio 2004

Mum ... Frank is touching me ... touch me Frank! Ma', Cicce me tocche ... tueccheme Cicce
Mum is a girl Mamete è signurine
Wanna it now or when it gets harder? A vuè mo o quanne s'ndoste?
Pizza pie to everyone not willing to say pizza pie with his hands on the pizzapie, PIZZAPIE! Pizza a ccì no dice pizza cu amane su a pizza, PIZZA!
If we've done thirty, we can also do thirtyone Ci avime fatte trende, facime pure trendune
Dress the big stump that it parries a baron Viste cippone ca pare barone
Attach the donkey where his master wants Attacche u ciuccie addò vo’ u patrune
He/She wants straw for one hundred horses Vo pagghie pe ‘ciende cavadde
Whom the dog bites? The ripped! A cci ve muezzeche u cane? A u strazzate!
Full belly songs, not a new shirt Vendra chiene cande, e nnò cammise nove
The ox calls horned the donkey U vove chiama curnute a u ciuccie
Fries the fish and watches the cat Frisce u pesce e tremjende 'a jatte
I called you to cups and you go to sticks T'agghie chiamate a coppe e te ne jesse a bastone
Who stings himself ... comes out A cci se ponge... cu esse fore
When the husband reaches the forties, leaves his wife and goes to canteen; when the wife reaches the forties, leaves her husband and takes John Quanne 'u marite arrive a quarandine lassa a mugghjere e se ne ve a candine; quanne a mugghiere arriva a quarand’anne lassa a u marite e si pigghje a Giuanne
Master Hutchie's skill, who gave a slat to his donkey A bravura de Mestre Uccie, c’a date nu sckaffe au ciuccie
Rings have fallen down, but the fingers are still there L'anidde so' cadute ma le dicete sò rumaste
No tail to dogs, no moustaches to cats and no asses to christians No cot'a u cane, no mustazze a a jatte, e no cule a u cristiane
In an old house mice are not missing A casa vecchie no manghene surge
Better a boiler on your neck that an ounce into your ass Megghje na cadare n' guedde ca n'onze n'gule
Don't mingle peels and broad-beans No misckà squèrcele e fave
On the Christ's chest Mbitte a Criste
I wanna teach you and I wanna miss you T'agghia 'mbarà e t'agghia perdere
He has left Christ to go to the mussels Ha lassate a Criste pe scè a le cozze
He lacks a blow for falling Le manghe a botte p'a cadute
From master of vessel to ship for rent Da patrone de bastimende a varche  d’affitte
Pack your bag-pipe closely for when you'll need it Astipe a zambogne pe’ quanne abbesogne
In the hands of whom has gone the music paper .. Ammane a cci è sciute a carte d'a museche
I know you like a pear and now they have grafted you like a stump Te canusceve pire, mò t'onne innestate a sckuerpe
He/She has more ass than feeling Tene chiù cule ca sendimende
From a hospital are you searching for health? Da nu spedale ve’cchianne a salute?
Break and throw it into the body Spizze e mine n'guerpe
The sun breaks the figs and the moon breaks the watermelons, and you my crony have broken my bollocks    U sole spacche le fiche e a lune le melune e tu cumbare mije m'e rutte li cugghiune


Nicky didn't know the little fountain Culedde nnò sapeve a fundanedde
What movie did you see ? Ma cè film è viste ?
Who's the cat's son, the rats has to catch A cci je figghie a jatte,  sciurge a da pigghiare
Bones and under the bones Osse e sott'all'osse
Short and badly carved Curte e male cavate
So tall, so dummy Tand’ e` jerte, tand’e` fesse
The coloured patch A pezze a culore
Just one donkey at the fair? Nu ciucce sule ste` a fere?
The best dief doesn't want to listen U megghje surde e' quidde ca no vo' cu ‘ssende
Like the good Jesus said: you deceived me once, now you won't do it anymore Accome disse il buon Gesu': m'e' futtute a prima vote, mo no 'me futte cchiu'
The good sight comes at the fourty days A ‘bbona viste vene a le quaranda ’ggiurne
From the head the fish goes bad  D'a' capa affetesce ‘u pesce
Bringing one's arms to Saint Cosma's Purta` le vrazze a sande Còseme
Kiss Our Lady and go to bed Vasa a Madonne e cuèrchete
Emmanuel dirty, is the lead heavy or not?  Manue’ Zzozzo’, tene u chiumme si o no?

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