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giovedì 30 maggio 2024
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venerdì 30 luglio 2004
Q:   It crawls from me and goes into your ass
A:   It doesn't go into my ass, so it goes into your own    
D: a me spruscie e te ve ‘ngule
R: a me ngule non ge ve, e perciò ve ngul’a te
Q:   Wise! 
A:    ….and in your ass will stay
D: Onest!
R: …. E ‘ngule te reste
Q:  Now Easter comes and these are the eggs
A:  So, bring’em mummy, and she’ll  brood                            
D: Mò avene Pasche e chiste sò l'ove
R: Va ‘ppuertele a mmamete ca le cove
Q:  Fuckyou !
A:  you alone, that are chick
Meat into mouth, bones into ass
D: Vafangule!
R: A te sule ca si’ curciule
carne’mmocche e osse ‘ngule
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